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Chateau Lednice
The Chateau Lednice was built in the years 1544 - 1585 in place of the original Gothic fortress. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens. The chateau was rebuilt in the Baroque style in the late 17th century. A Classicist reconstruction of the chateau took place in the years 1766 – 1772.
Chateau park
Chateau Lednice park was first mentioned in the middle of the 16th century. Since then it has gradually changed into a beautiful baroque park. At the end of the 19th century, it partially underwent Classical renovations that culminated in many romantic transformations.
Castle greenhouse
Castle Greenhouse is meant to be and also run as an ornamental glasshouse. Everyone interested can get a list of Latin names of plants that grow in there, and identify them by numbers.
Castle riding hall
This hall with its stables with marble gutters and wooden litter used to be literally a palace for horses. But during the 20th century an extensive complex of baroque stables and riding hall in Lednice served as a warehouse, gym or firehouse.
Minaret in Lednice is a unique 60 meter high tower located at the distant side of the chateau park. It is a part of the Lednice – Valtice Complex. It is the oldest surviving tower in the Czech Republic.
John’s castle
John’s castle also known as Janohrad, from three sides surrounded by meander of the royal river Thaya, used to be a hunting lodge. Gentry would gather here before hunt, wish happiness to each other and in the evening they would return and enjoy to profusely set table.
A copy of the Roman aqueduct, which originates to the late 18th century, was built in Lednice in summer 2013 along with ten meter high waterfall. It has been almost hundred years since the aqueduct was in use.
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